As 2021 draws to a close I want to thank our community again for the support and confidence in our mission and provide an update on our progress.

Despite trying to plan a sailing season during an ongoing global pandemic, we were able to launch our new Diversity Access Initiative and had just about all our programs up and running by the middle of the season. The capital campaign enjoyed a great deal of success this year, due to generous community contributions. We were able to resume our Lakeside Lunches and found the material we had to share was compelling to a wide range of guests. Nothing conveys our mission like being on the terrace while kids are scurrying onto and off their boats on the dock. To those of you who joined us, thank you for making the trip down to the lakeside.

This fall we gratefully received the first challenge gift of $500,000 from Chuck and Marna Davis. Momentum has continued, with another $200,000 pledged over the past three months, resulting in a total of $1.7 million pledged so far. This places us more than halfway to our $3.3 million campaign goal. We continue to seek funding from private donors, foundations and government sources.

The CSC board of directors established a new waterfront construction committee and authorized the hire of a part-time project manager. We are excited to announce that Mike Quaid, a local sailor with a career in civil engineering and infrastructure project management has come on board to fill this role. In the next few weeks, we will select an engineering firm to complete the waterfront design.

Thank you again for your generous support of the Sailing Center!

Doug Merrill,
Committee Chair