A campaign to welcome everyone to the waterfront.

The Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center is the only non-profit facility of its kind on Lake Champlain. We annually serve more than 8,000 adults and children – regardless of age, gender, race, physical ability or means to pay.

The Lake Access For All Capital Campaign is creating permanent waterfront infrastructure that supports universal access to Lake Champlain. Through this investment, the center will be poised to serve Vermonters and visitors for decades to come.


Ensuring safety, access, and sustainability.

This project will fund the waterfront infrastructure redevelopment and create a debt-free future for the organization, allowing us to focus future resources on self-sufficiency and community programming.

In the fall of 2022, we learned that material and labor cost increases required us to update our goal. We have reset and modified our timeline, and are excited to move ahead with the project.

8 project components comprise a safe harbor area providing experiential learning space, multi-craft launch facilities, a deep-water basin for keel boats, permanent dock amenities, and universal accessibility to the water directly adjacent to the Pomerleau Community Waterfront Campus.

Through careful planning, parts of the original dock, gangway and attenuator elements are re-purposed, re-furbished, expanded and incorporated into a permanent safe harbor.


Connecting land to water, learning to lake, and you to our community.

Click on the blue circles below to learn more about the project components and impact.


Here’s how the funds will be allocated.


Celebrating our past, planning for our future.

The Community Sailing Center has served the Lake Champlain community since 1994 with a mission to encourage and celebrate the responsible use and long-term stewardship of the lake. What started as a summer camp with 17 kids has grown to serve more than 8,000 people per year.

As we look ahead to completing the next chapter, we’ve set our sights on these important milestones.

Unlock our first matching gift of $500k
September 2021

Unlock our second matching gift of $500k
July 2022

Design & engineering completion
August 2022

Reach our $3.3M goal
September 2022

Permitting completion
January 2023

Paid Down Debt
January 2023

Construction contracts awarded
March 2023

Groundbreaking of construction
October 2023

checkboxConstruction completion
May 2024

checkboxThe New Safe Harbor Opening
June 2024

Help us welcome everyone to the lake.

Your gift connects land to lake, ensuring safe water entry and reliable docks for decades to come.

A $1M challenge gift from Chuck and Marna Davis has filled our sails!

Grants from the Great Lakes Fishery Commission are also helping us chart the course!


A Winter Waterfront Update from Committee Chair, Doug Merrill.

A Winter Waterfront Update from Committee Chair, Doug Merrill.

February 7, 2024

Progress! That was the feeling on Friday September 29th as we officially broke ground on the Lake Champlain Community Sailing Center’s new accessible waterfront project. Thanks to all of you who joined me there, it was a joyous experience that marked the beginning of the final phase of this significant project. If you were not … Read More

A Letter from Committee Chair, Doug Merrill.

A Letter from Committee Chair, Doug Merrill.

April 24, 2023

Dear LCCSC Capital Campaign Donor, It is great to see spring arriving early to Lake Champlain this year. The UVM and high school dinghies are already rigged and ready to hit the water. I wanted to update you on the progress made by our Waterfront Construction and Capital Campaign Committees this winter. Since my last … Read More

An Interview With Project Manager, Michael Quaid

An Interview With Project Manager, Michael Quaid

April 7, 2022

Dear Capital Campaign Supporter: Whether you enjoyed the snowy options available in our Green Mountains, or headed South to warmer climates, I hope you have enjoyed your winter. We’ve been very busy at the community sailing center during our ‘off’ season and have made significant progress toward completing the waterfront of our wonderful facility. Once … Read More


Thank you to everyone who is helping to provide Lake Access. For All.

Capital Campaign Donors

William Atkinson

Richard and Cheryl Baker

Ben and Jerry's Foundation

Lex Birney

Jim Brangan

William and Susan Bresee

Gina and Tony Bruno

Alden Bryan

John Burns

William and Lara Calfee

Callison Family

Rod Carr

Edward and Anne Castle

Anne Christie

Gary Coffey and Barrie Silver

Anne Connolly

Cooper Family Foundation

Richard Corley

Jim and Andrea Crook

Laura and Barry Dagan

Charles and Marna Davis

Rick Davis

Julie Day

Folena De Geus

Anne Dougherty

David Driscoll

Philip Drumheller

Gary and Jane Farrell

Mitch and Kim Fleischer

Friends of the FRAME

William Fraser-Harris

Freeman French Freeman

Marc Gamble

Christopher Gee

Grace Jones Richardson Trust

Great Lakes Fisheries Commission

Michael Green and Sarah Muyskens

Eric Hart and Pamela Laser

David and Anne Hauke

Sera Mary Hovanecz

Dale Hyerstay

Sandy Jacobs

Jane's Trust

Jovial King Kamitses

Jack and Kim Kane

Charlie and Adrea Kofman

Andrew Koven and Lynn Lurie

Chico Lager and Yvette Pigeon

Lake Champlain Basin Program

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Jim and Anne Lampman

Michael Lane

Mike and Lois Lynch

Karen Marshall

Walt and Aimee Marti

Mascoma Bank

George W. Mergens Foundation

Merrill Family Foundation

Doug and Lisa Merrill

Doug Nedde

Northern Borders Regional Commission

Jill Pfenning

Nancy Knox and Thomas Porter

Constance C. Ramsey

John and Leslie Reynolds

Pat Robins and Lisa Schamberg

Lawrence Robinson

Jan Rozendaal

S. T. Paving

Ernie Pomerleau

Sam Kolber Foundation, Inc.

Ian Schmidek

Russ and Roxanne Scully

William and Jane Shearer

Lee Silver

Louis Slanina and Monika Jaeckle

Thomas Spellman

State of Vermont, Better Places Fund

Elizabeth Steele

Evan Stewart

Michael Stone

Anne Sullivan

Alexander Sumberg

Ashley Sullivan and Robert Dempsey

Paul Toth

Unsworth Properties LLC

Richard Van Duyne

Lindsay Vanoli

Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development

Kate Villa

Patricia Villani

Taraleigh and Daniel Weathers

Wade Weathers

Gary West

Sarah D Wilde

Todd Wulfson

Capital Campaign Donors through the Dana Bolton Legacy Fund

Alison Abry

Daniel Ackil

Benjy Adler

Thomas Ahern

Vivien Allan and Jack Wallace

William Allen

Tim Anderson

Judith Archer

Bruce Armentrout

Cathy and Brian Armstrong
Lake Champlain Closets and Storage Solutions

Alexandra Arntsen

Jason Aron

Eric Axelrod

Dale Azaria

Chris Badger

Peter Bahrenburg

Beth Bahrenburg

Helene Banks

Jay Barton

Alan Bauman

George Bedard

Marty Beede

Mia and Jeff Beer

Heather Belcher

Allen Bernier

Sophia Bielenberg

Suzanne Blain

Eric Boehm

Andrea Boehmcke

Nana Boffa

Lori Boisjoli

Sheila Boland Chira

Nancy Boldt

Marc Bolh

Becky Bolton

James and Margaret Bolton

Len and Susan Bolton

Leonard Bolton

John & Lin Bootle

Jonathan Boright

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Amy Bradford

Larry Brand

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William and Susan Bresee

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Zachary Casey

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